Encounter with a Hero

This happens to us all:  you meet and know people, maybe even feel connected to them, then for various reasons your worlds separate.  In time, even their names are forgotten, and then in a surprising moment you bump into each other.

                A chance encounter?  Don’t think so…

                “Oh, hi, how are you?”  I say.  (I wish I remembered her name.  I doubt she’s exactly sure who I am either.)

                “Oh, just doing fine—busy of course,” she replies.  (This is called “safe talk,” allowing a few moments for the brain’s search engine to maybe pull up the face, the place, the name?)

                “Well, I am, too.”  So, whatcha been up to?”  (Round two of mindless chatter…Aha! I do remember her…from that coffee shop.)  

                “Oh, lotsa family things.  I think maybe since I last saw you, we took in three boys.”  (Was that a hint of recognition in her eyes?)

                “Wow!  What’s the story behind that?”  (This encounter is improving.  The conversation is gasping for air and may survive.)

                “We wanted to enlarge our family. At first it was supposed to be only two boys.  But there was a third brother, so we took them all.”

                “That’s amazing.  I imagine this has been challenging.”  (Duh—borderline stupid comment?  I give myself a C- on that one—profound it’s not.  I can do better.)

                “Oh, for sure.  It’s been pretty hard.”

                “How old are the boys.  (I say B+ for that reply?)

                “They were 3, 8, and 10 when we got them.”

                “Wow, good for you.” (Hope I’m being graded on the curve?)

                “Are you still writing?”  (She does remember me!)

                “Yes, trying!   Are you going to adopt the boys?”  (A-.)

                “Yes, for sure.”

                “That’s awesome. So nice to see you again!” (Gotta go.  I’ve exhausted my small talk bin.)

                “You, too! Bye.”

                What I didn’t say but should have:  “You are unbelievable!  Probably no TV celebrity camera will ever frame your face, but three boys–brothers abandoned–have a mom, a dad, other siblings.  A family!  You have given a treasure!

                “And one more thing,” (I’m so sorry I don’t even remember your name.) “You are a hero.”  (A.)

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